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FLVC OER Summit 2018

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Florida Virtual Campus' (FLVC) excellent OER Summit in Miramar Beach, Florida. FLVC put together an amazing lineup of speakers for the event, and many of them far exceeded even my high expectations. Below are my notes from two of the speakers, Dr. Cable Green of Creative Commons and Dr. David Ernst of the Open Textbook Network. My full notes from the Summit are available here:

National Perspective - Dr. Cable Green, Director of Open Education at Creative CommonsCable giving a remix of a talk he gave with David Wiley in Maryland a few weeks ago“Education is sharing” - and today we can share with unprecedented capacityDigital gives us the ability to store copy and distribute at unprecedentedly low costThe main thing that prevents us from leveraging this sharing potential is copyright lawWhat the internet enables, copyright forbids - it’s like teaching and learning with one hand tied behind our backWe’re going to talk ab…

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